Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Books for Africa

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She received books
for her children,
and wondered why
she couldn't send
the gift of a goat
in return,
as is the way of 
her people.

Her hut
may be small,
but the hearts
that beat
within its walls
as big
and bright 
and bountiful
as all of
Mother Africa.


  1. I would have taken her goat, but I suppose that laws intervene. I feel the heartbeat of which you speak.

  2. Education in Africa remains an on-going challenge. As I walked to work this morning, a mother was standing on the sidewalk with her primary school child next to her, and I was so happy to see the little one holding a book open while she waited to cross the road to the kindergarten.

  3. Powerful words and image! We so need to do all we can to help each other over these hurdles!

  4. Wonderful Sherry, really like the picture also.
    Thank you for dropping by...Tatius

  5. Such is the value of books to the deprived. Goats they can easily get! And they are willing to sacrifice! Nicely Sherry!


  6. Thought provoking piece, Sherry. Books are treasures, which today are disregarded by some of today's youth with all the technology. How are you doing? I haven't seen you round much, I hope all is well with you and yours.


  7. ... and the heart is all that matters. Very touching, Sherry!

  8. Super charming/touching poem. It reminds me of the reverse - the charity The Heifer Project - a wonderful wonderful charity - lovely poem. k.

  9. Education is the key to open the locked doors of all the world.
    So important to teach the children no matter what their house looks like, as you say, it's the hearts inside that make it a home.
    Lovely post Sherry :)

  10. Lovely, Sherry. If we can inspire children to enjoy reading, this is no small thing. Reading is key to success in life.

  11. I would have taken the goat too. Trouble is, I would have made him a pet, and I expect things might have gotten dicey when he wanted to sleep with the cats.


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