Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fighting For All Of Our Lives

Friends, please watch this very moving video. This is not about one pipeline or one protest. The planet hovers between ongoing life or eventual death. The First Nations of these lands are fighting to save Mother Earth. They are fighting to save ALL of our lives.

The Power of Three

The trump triumvirate,
Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo,
are up for the task
of setting us back fifty years.

No holy trinity they:
it's been a long time since
right wing has been this far right.
(Think: War. "Good for the Economy!"
Think: curtailed civil rights.
Think: Beyond the Orwellian Nightmare.
Think: Corporations and billionaires rule.
Think: We are truly screwed.)
Add a climate change denier as head of
the environmental protection agency,
and the environment will need
to be protected
from its own administrator.

I turn my fear into words,
strike with my pen.
It is hard to watch history
repeating itself
over and over

for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge: the power of three.

source : The Guardian

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

He Who Walks Among the Stars

From up here,
the world looks new,
peaceful, beautiful,

Down below live
people with holes in their hearts,
toxicity on their brains,
struggle on their paths.
They are longing for
wholeness and healing,
even if they don't know.
Down below,
looking up and dreaming,
live people
with the ability to
make the whole world new,
if they but choose.

One walks among them who shows
that it is possible to reach out
and do good
even in the midst of
one's own struggle.

He is a man
on his journey,
He Who Walks Among the Stars,
who told of one small boy's death
and woke his country up.
The chief thanked him for
"taking the time to care
about our people."

That is how we will remember him,
a man with time to love one small boy,
and, through him, a whole people,
before he takes his
walk among the stars.

Gord Downie, leader of the Tragically Hip, now on his journey through brain cancer, has just completed his farewell tour. Recently, Gord produced a short film called The Secret Path, a true story about a twelve year old boy who died while escaping from residential school in 1966. Yesterday, First Nations chiefs and communities gathered to honour him, with an eagle feather, a blanket, and the gift of his native name, Man Who Walks Among the Stars. Gord cried throughout the ceremony, calling it the best day of his life.

The link above will take you to the moving video of the ceremony.

for Midweek Motif's prompt: To write from the vantage point of someone in a flying machine, and also for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge at 1sojournal: Ability.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Green and Blue

Mother Earth is green and blue.
Sadly, money is green too.
To get it, they will wreck the earth,
for only dollars are of worth.

What colour are the corporate souls,
with their red hearts so full of holes?
How can they not know that they borrow
today's wealth from our kids' tomorrow?

Sigh. for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Colour. North Dakota pipeline says it will continue building in that location regardless of the order to stop. And trump's regime wants to privatize reservation land, to make it easier to extract (rip off) all the resources. Have we gone into a time warp? I seriously can't stand it. Someone make it stop.

Monday, December 5, 2016


It was a grandmother who first
stood by the river and said
"Enough is enough."
The warriors at Standing Rock
held the line for months
before the world took notice,
and went to join them.
The movement grew.
Their prayerful courage touched our hearts.
When the veterans went
to put their bodies between
the protectors and the militarized police,
finally their message was heard,
and the pipeline halted.

There will be more Standing Rocks,
for the black snake tries to find its way
against all scientific facts and warnings.
"Money Rules!" they say.

But oh! good people, never forget :
"The Spirit Liberates!"

We stand together, with the indigenous people
who love and know the land,
we grandmothers and grandfathers,
joining them in solidarity,
standing for the future of our grandkids
to the seventh generation.

Money may rule.
But in the end,
for always and forever,
the Spirit liberates.

for Elizabeth Crawford's challenge at 1sojournal: Together

Sunday, December 4, 2016


[I wrote this poem in 1963, when we were asked to write a sonnet at school. It was December. It appears I have had these conflicting thoughts about Christmas - excess in a world of inequities - since I was young. I was seventeen. What I most wanted to do was go to Africa and care for orphans. I so wish that I had.]

Pure snowflakes fall upon a dust-gray street:
Love's beauty, scattered by a Baby's fingers.
The softened, hov'ring winter darkness lingers:
A gentle life, so sweet to me, so sweet!
Clear, poignant carols echo on the air,
Sung by the pale-lipped children of December.
With breathless joy, always will I remember
Their angel-sounds, so fair to hear, so fair.
The gifts pile high under the Christmas tree.
The gaiety grows greater every day.
Into my dreams, a starved child finds his way:
"A crust of bread for me, a crust for me."
The thought of him remains all season through -
So far away, so little I can do.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: to give the world a hug. Children everywhere need our hugs and our help, all year long. Our hearts feel happier, when helping those in need is part of our lives. It is great to involve our kids in this as well, so they feel the joy of giving.

I just turned on the news and received an unexpected hug. Permission has been denied for the pipeline at Standing Rock. What is that quote: never underestimate the power of a group of committed people to do great things.

Our voices, joined together, CAN and DO effect change........let us keep our voices raised against all the issues to come, especially around climate change. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I imagine a world
of social justice:
resources used sustainably,
and shared,
wildlife and water protected,
a world of clean energy
and thriving organic gardens.

The humans are all smiling
and no human or animal
is abused or beaten or shot,
a world where guns do not exist.
The children are all loved,
and the elderly are 
not lonely, but included,
for they are the storytellers.

It is a world of peace and beauty
and, the thing is,
it is available right now,
if humanity wants it.

for Elizabeth Crawford's Creativity Challenge: Imagination: to envision the world the way we would like it to be. Dark and light forces are battling right now. My best hope is that light will emerge as the chosen direction, and set to work recreating the world. This is likely only when humans are forced to find a better way. The concern is, we don't have much time left to make the turning. And are about to be set back years we can't afford to lose. But we shall dream on, because we must. It takes every hopeful human heart.